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Pharmacists Daughter
Pharmacists Daughter

Give her a call for demerol and amal nitrate
I tell her dad, don't worry sir we won't stay out late

I'm in love with her
The pharmacists daughter
She's got my love
I get her drugs

Waking up in the afternoon can't wait to see her
Bringin' in some colonopin I'm huffin' ether
She's the one for me, without personality
I still wanna see her every day

We got a date and I can't wait to see my baby
If I wine and dine her she just might sedate me
She's so beautiful she keeps my perscriptions full
She got my love I get her drugs (She got my love)
She got my love I get her drugs (I get the drugs)
She got my love, I get her drugs
Looks like I'm all in the bought the pharm (ACY!)

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